Contrast Istanbul
The purpose of this tour is to take guests away from the usual historic Old Town Square and show how different Istanbul can be.

You will see the most authentic, modern, conservative, European and mysterious tourist Istanbul around the Bosphorus Strait.

The variety of bright and positive emotions will not leave you all day and will remain in your memory for a long time.

Contrast Istanbul

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1. Panoramic view of the city from a cozy park near the Sultan Suleiman Mosque, a beautiful view of the city and the most interesting secrets of the mosque. It is so beautiful that without any stories you can not break away from what you saw for a long time, but the stories are so unusual and interesting about which you can not keep silent.

2. Authentic district of Istanbul, with an observation deck on Golden Horn Bay. A cable car ride (ticket price as by public transport), Turkish coffee by an ancient recipe and people bringing you a truly eastern country will leave a separate color of impressions in the palette of emotions of this tour.

3. Mysteries of the Golden Horn Bay. Local fast food made of fish, and you can also visit and be photographed with the famous Super Mario. Egyptian spice market with stunning Oriental architecture and table Audrey Hepburn. Walk across the Bay Bridge and the youthful streets in authentic Bosphorus style. (This whole third point in itself is like an entire tour, but no - we're moving on.)

4. Boat cruise through the Bosporus Strait from the European continent to Asia. Feed seagulls with Turkish bun, panoramic view from the ship, sea air, waves, interesting stories of the guide will keep your emotions in tone.

5. Halkidon - "City of the Blind", the most ancient city founded long before the Byzantine Empire on the Asian coast of Bosporus. Cozy European streets, the European way of life of the locals, boutiques, antique shops, ice cream, interesting stories, a walk along the pier and the most beautiful sunset in Istanbul.

6. Transfer by boat across the Bosphorus Strait from the Asian continent to the European coast, but on the other side. Seagulls, views of the evening city and a little rest after walking.

7. The youth square of that great pirate Captain Barbarossa or commander of the flotilla of the Oman Empire. The square on the shore of the Bosphorus, exciting stories and delicious kebabs.

8. If you are not exhausted, you can visit another square under the Bosphorus Bridge, which is often portrayed on postcards and photo wallpapers.
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Contrast Istanbul
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