Old City Tour
Istanbul is a great city that proudly stands on the Bosporus coast.

The excursion is focused on the main sights of the city of cape Sarayburnu. You will immerse yourself in the history of three great empires: Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman.

Old City Tour

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1. Hagia Sophia Cathedral, the pearl of Istanbul. In the course of history it was an imperial church during the Byzantine Empire, and then was converted into a mosque during the Ottoman Empire. In this famous construction, Emperors were crowned, Princess Olga was baptized, Turkish sultans celebrated their victories and prayed. In 1924, when Turkey acquired the status of a republic, the Cathedral was turned into a museum. And in July 2020, the Cathedral again acquired the status of a mosque.

2. Topkapi Palace - the main palace of the Ottoman Empire from the early 15th to mid-18th century. In the beginning it was the administrative center of the state, only in the middle of the 16th century it became the house of the Sultan after Harem moved to the palace. The architecture of the palace is quite diverse, different styles are mixed here, because the palace was repeatedly destroyed by fires or earthquakes, and then it was rebuilt, each time making certain adjustments. In 1856 a new residence was erected in Istanbul, which was in line with the spirit of the time and somewhat inferior to Topkapi Palace, but since then only the wives of the once first state husbands have lived here.

3. The Blue Mosque is the main mosque in Turkey. Its gracefulness, elegance and grandeur are the main decoration of Istanbul. If you haven't visited it, don't think you've been to Istanbul. The mosque was built by order of Sultan Ahmed I and named after him. It was named blue by tourists and why you will know during the tour. The entrance is free.

4. Hippodrome Square is a place of gladiatorial fights, even before Christianity, on which the oldest buildings of Istanbul were erected - including the Egyptian obelisk from the 16th century BC.

5. The Basilica Cistern - one of the largest and well-preserved ancient underground reservoirs of Constantinople. It was built in 527 A.D. and supplied the city with drinking water. When the Turks conquered the city, it was quickly forgotten and remembered only in the 19th century. Here you will see the heads of the Medusa and plunge into the atmosphere of mysteriousness.

6. The indoor market is the Golden Bazaar or Grand Bazaar. It was the centre of the slave trade until the 19th century.
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Old City Tour
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